Hazera Genetics - We are proud of our long history, which goes back to 1939, when a group of idealistic young farmers joined forces to address regional seed shortages caused by World War II. Shortly after that the “Hazera Cooperative Association for Seed Breeding & Supply” was founded to provide its members with seeds of approved quality. Business increased and Hazera began to produce seeds for kibbutzim and other agricultural cooperatives around the country. By the end of the decade, the first experimental farm at Berurim was established, later followed by a series of experimental farms for microclimate studies in different parts of the country – and a section for research and development.

Hazera’s most significant breakthrough came at the beginning of the 90′s with the introduction of Daniela – the tomato variety world-famous for its tempting red color and long shelf life. It is pretty much then that innovation became part of Hazera’s breeding philosophy.

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