Job Summary:

Receives (by telephone, fax or email) requests for quotations, orders, and lead times from customers. Makes quotations on standard items, writes orders, and relays pertinent order information to customers. Coordinates with other departments in handling purchase orders and providing service to customers. Performs duties with marketing department where customer contact is a prime responsibility.

Essential Functions:

  • Receives telephone requests for price quotations, purchase orders, order changes, adjustments, and cancellations directly from domestic customers, original equipment manufacturers, and distributors. Achieves and maintains rapport with customers and works to give them the best possible service.
  • Uses a CRT to retrieve customer information, stock status information, the status of purchase orders, and to make changes on customer purchase orders. Ensures that correct codes are used for retrieving and inputting information.
  • Follows up on inquiries by checking computer runs on CRT for delivery information. Works closely with expeditor in production control regarding deliveries of scheduled shipments.
  • Handles the needs of sales representatives and customers by area of the United States.
  • Makes price quotations immediately by phone on price book items. Prepares forms for price quotations on items not contained in price book and forwards to clerk for preparation of quotations.
  • Checks with credit department concerning credit status of customer when rush orders are received.
  • Contacts distributors or checks computer printouts sent to us by customers to locate requested items in order to meet customer's delivery requirements. Relays this information to customer.
  • Maintains files of active orders and posts activity such as change notices, scheduling changes, partial shipments, and credit changes.
  • Prepares paperwork (original purchase order, copies of invoice, and return goods memo) to be given to accounting department for credit or debit to be issued.
  • Handles government orders as a backup when necessary.

Additional Responsibilities:

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Supervision Received:

  • Supervised by sales supervisor.
  • Performs semi-routine duties where some judgment is required when communicating with customers, sales representatives, and inter-company personnel. Work is performed under defined and uniform procedures.

Responsibility and Authority:

  • Reasonable care and operation of standard office equipment such as calculator, duplicating machine, and CRT.
  • Failure to handle customers tactfully could result in cancellation and subsequent loss of good will and profit. Some loss is possible, but exercise of somewhat more than ordinary care can prevent loss.
  • Responsible for maintaining good customer relations. Generally deals with representatives and customers concerning matters that require some tact and resourcefulness. Contacts with other personnel including engineering and manufacturing departments.

Minimum Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent, plus one year of training.
  • One year in an entry-level marketing job. Typing skills and some knowledge of CRT necessary (40-50 wpm).
  • Previous background should include knowledge of parts and nomenclature as well as demonstrated ability to deal with customers.

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