Summary - Responsible for close supervision of warehouse personnel in order to facilitate timely and accurate shipping and receiving of products. Peak hours of operation are from midnight to noon. Must be able to maintain a firm hand of all aspects of operations and maintain an effective balance of communication between management and all warehouse personnel.

Responsibilities include:

  • Hands on supervision and training of warehouse personnel.
  • Directs dispatching personnel to insure timely and accurate scheduling of customer shipments using customer invoices.
  • Manages receiving personnel to insure proper count and physical inspection of merchandise based upon purchase orders received.
  • Manages proper distribution of product to designated slot locations for stock rotation.
  • Coordinates inter-company transfer of product among warehouses for customer deliveries.
  • Manages any secondary deliveries to customers due to any shortages or mistakes on original scheduled deliveries.
  • Coordinates with Purchasing Department to ensure adequate inventory is received and available for prompt customer deliveries, including short pick-up purchases.
  • Prepares warehouse for physical inventory.
  • Overseas proper warehouse maintenance and safekeeping.
  • Responsible to maintain warehouse in full compliance with all Federal, State and local regulatory safety, labor, worker’s comp and health requirements.
  • Participation in overall development of Division's Profit Planning Program and control reporting system.
  • Performance of special cost studies as required (e.g. delivery, Labor sorting)
  • Responsible for controlling labor cost.
  • Responsible for minimizing shrinkage of product.
  • Responsible for establishing staffing schedules.
  • Responsible for ensuring the maintenance of all warehouse rolling stock, ie. forklifts.
  • Responsible to ensure that refrigeration system is working properly in all sections of the warehouse and that proper temperatures levels are maintained for all stored product.
  • Selection, training development, motivation, review and control of warehouse employees to assure continuity of efficient operations.
  • Requires a flexible work schedule.

Position Requirements:

  • Must have minimum of 5 years warehouse management experience.
  • Must have a background in the produce industry.
  • Must be computer literate with a working knowledge of Windows, Word and Excel.
  • Prefer bilingual in English/Spanish.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively, ie. staff meetings, employee reviews, reporting, etc.
  • Degree preferred but not required in lieu of experience.
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

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