Job Info
Job Title: Vice President, Operations (This Position Has Been Filled!)
Location: Santa Maria, CA
Job Number: 11740
Posted Date: 4/15/2021
Job description

Position reports to CEO

Direct Reports:                    

  • Strawberry Production Supervisor
  • Berry labor Supervisor
  • Specialty Berry Manager
  • Harvest Manager, Brassicas

Position Responsibilities:


  • Work directly with senior management to build interdepartmental rapport
  • Develop effective tracking methods to evaluate performance
    • Yields, quality, costs, etc.
  • Report to board (periodically)
    • Recommend direction and provide detail on status
  • Develop supervisory levels to accommodate growth and promotion
    • Encourage accountability
    • Recognize successes
  • Develop a plan for a scalable structure to allow for effective growth
  • Establish annual budgets


  • Responsible for Betteravia’s overall berry planning, preparation, production, harvesting and profitability
  • Recommend berry growth plan and prepare company accordingly
  • Work with Driscoll’s to develop an effective and profitable growth plan
    • Conventional
    • Organic
    • Specialty berries
  • Develop an effective seasonal plan for each of our berry categories
  • Oversee and lead negotiations for berry production/labor needs
    • Plants
    • Contactors
      • Labor
      • PCA
      • Bed preparation


  • Oversee harvesting related functions for the Brassicas business
  • Negotiate annual agreements with contacted harvesters
  • Establish estimate protocols and tracking methodologies
  • Create optimal working structure with Santa Maria Harvesting
    • Efficiency
    • Teamwork
    • Quality assurance


Salary Range: $200,000 - $300,000

Bonus: $50,000 (annual opportunity)

401k: 10% annual salary

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