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Job Title: Jr. Ranch Manager
Location: Lake Placid, FL
Job Number: 11905
Posted Date: 7/1/2021
Job description

JOB SUMMARY: The Jr. Ranch Manager is responsible for supporting the development and production of Blue Hammock farm operations ensuring economic and strategic success, implementation and use of traditional and/or science based growing methods as well as technical innovation/ decision-making while demonstrating best practices related operational activities such as irrigation and fertilization to maximize successful crop yields. The role contributes to innovative and creates sustainable farming systems and environmentally safe and food safety agriculture practices/ methods for growing quality berries year-round. Under the direction of the Production Manager and the mentorship and oversight of an assigned Ranch Manager or Agronomist, the Jr. Ranch Manager is responsible for all aspects of Blue Hammock designated crop farms, crop planning, ranch development and managing all aspects of the farming operation, including budget and profitability.


Day-to-Day Crop Growing Management

  • Assist and support Production Manager and assigned mentor.
  • Supervise, with hands-on involvement, all farming activities, which may including any of the following: irrigation system installation (drip for substrate and pipe and spray for soil) and oversight of, land prep, planting, nutrient management and pesticide applications, disease management, pollination, pruning, plant rotation and harvesting.
  • May work with Harvest, Operations (non-harvest) and Production Services for respective services as needed.

Pesticide Management Program 

  • Assist and support the organic and/or conventional program in soil and/or substrate, in coordination with the Pesticide Control Adviser. Document application and results.

Fertilizer Management Program 

  • Assist and support the organic and/or conventional program in soil and/or substrate to optimize plant health. Document application and results. IF using medium (including any solid or liquid designed to support plant growth) sample, test and analyze results to determine course of action.


  • Comply with all labor laws, prime audits or food safety, company policy and workers safety.
  • Learn and apply knowledge Driscoll’s pathology in developing Blue Hammock organic program.

People Management 

  • Assist and support in identifying and sourcing labor.
  • May train and supervise harvest and/or non-harvest personnel.


  • Learn and implement the latest and best current production practices from within the RAC organization, as well as from university and other outside industry resources; develop and advance knowledge and innovations that deliver competitive advantage.
  • Collaborate with internal and external resources including universities, substrate grower peers, and the DSA and RAC knowledge share networks
  • Communicate methods and results to peers and colleagues.
  • Learn and apply knowledge of Driscoll’s use of technology and scientific plant development.

Operating Budgets 

  • Administer operating budgets; assist in defining capital budget needs; manage costs; and deliver expected profitability.


  • Contribute to the preparation of production data and any require crop information. Participate in weekly and monthly crop statement reviews.
  • Participate in communications with Driscoll’s to ensure accurate estimates of crops and to deliver high quality berries to the cooler.
  • Assist in coordinating cold storage and removal of canes and additional field trials.

Irrigation Systems 

  • Substrate – Assist in the design and installation of automation and injection system. Implement climate, water use, and soil moisture monitoring systems. Oversee the installation of the drip system, tunnel structures, and trellises.
  • Soil – Assist in the design and installation of traditional pipe /sprayer irrigation systems.

Horticultural Trials 

  • Install, maintain, and evaluate horticultural trials. Report results and drive adoption. Focus areas may include trellis, pruning, tunnels, frost control, and plant date and source.
  • Contribute in the development of acreage study standards for management to support expansion of agronomy model farming.

Scientific Analyses 

  • Implement best practices for optimum soil health.
  • Learn and apply knowledge on how growth medium responds to scientific management techniques thereby implementing it based on the results.
  • Apply agricultural data and information into trends, reportable, actionable and sustainable methods.
  • Apply improved techniques for measurement of growth medium, sampling, and similar technology through an understanding of the development of plant growth within the medium and how to utilize and encourage growth for the development of healthy plants through monitoring, diagnostics and testing. Analyze, document and interpret data on watering rates, salinity, pH balance and electrical conductivity (EC). Use results in decision-making.
  • Ensure quality growth medium with the ability to identify contaminated or degraded growth medium and to develop plans that improves their biological, chemical and physical properties.

Microbial Program 

  • Assist and support the beneficial microbes program to the root zones of plants enabling healthy, vibrant root systems that directly translates to higher nutrient absorption and optimal yields
  • Document applications and results.

Other duties as assigned


Abilities may include:

  • Communicating effectively (verbal and written) in English and Spanish, required
  • Diagnosing, applying judgment and make decisions – using critical thinking,reasoning and logic
  • Applying scientific methods such as providing nutrition through growing via media substrate or soil on an ongoing basis, reverse osmosis systems, pathogens, etc.
  • Testing and interpreting soil chemistry for pH and EC and how to correct balances
  • Performing statistical analysis on a computer
  • Demonstrating stewardship and relationship building/management/interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrating managerial and financial skills in crop budgeting and planning
  • Demonstrating a high level of organizational and time management skills
  • Juggling competing priorities and changing expectations
  • Demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit, create new and unique ideas

Knowledge may include: 

  • Berry farming
  • Principles of nursery management
  • Agricultural software applications, equipment calibration, and medium and plan testing
  • Substrate plant rotation/hibernation
  • Substrate/soil drip irrigation, nutrient chemistry, and pesticides
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office Suite


  • Ranch management
  • Decision making
  • Sense of urgency
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Knowledge management
  • Time management
  • Project management


  • Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences – required for Agronomy career track
  • High School diploma or equivalent education
  • Minimum 1 years’ experience in production agriculture, berry experience preferred
  • Experience in project management
  • Valid Florida Driver’s License and ability to be insured under Company insurance program


  • Ability to travel 95 percent of the time – ranch to ranch / 5 percent domestic and international

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