Job Info
Job Title: Mass Market Account Manager
Location: Mount Vernon, WA
Job Number: 11955
Posted Date: 7/28/2021
Job description

A career at Skagit Horticulture is challenging, rewarding, and satisfying. We accomplish our goals when each individual performs to their full potential while contributing as a valuable team player with others in the organization.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities: Maintain and manage relationship with customers, negotiate costing, new programs and forecasting, analyze and develop market tours and communicate programs internally and externally according to plan.

Primary Duties:

Relationship management:

  • Maintain and manage relationship with customer at all levels of the business.
    • Senior Merchant
    • Merchant
    • Regional Staff
    • District Managers
    • District Merchandising managers
    • Store Managers


  • Generate additional sales through communication with customer
  • Identify and develop opportunities within the market to expand our offering
  • Negotiations
    • Costing negotiations with customer
    • Retails negotiations with customer
    • New program negotiations external
    • New SKU negotiations external
    • Forecast negotiations external


  • Forecasting with Customer to meet future sales plans both internal and external

Market Tours:

  • Support the customer in communication of programs and overall directive
  • Look for opportunities in our own production
    • New items that could round out program
    • Items that shipped too early, communicate to inventory
    • Items that shipped to late , communicate to inventory

Maintain Relationships with District and Store Staff:

  • Helps when negotiating credits
  • Helps when needing cycle counts
  • Helps drive sales allowing them to know they can call and order up
  • Listen for missed opportunities for additional sales
  • POG Compliance or opportunities

    Council Meetings:

    • Annual Council – determine and help decide direction of the program for Lowe’s, be the voice for the PNW programs
    • Perennial Council - determine and help decide direction of the program for Lowe’s, be the voice for the PNW programs

      Program Communication:

      • External to all Lowes team members

        5 year strategic planning:

        • Overall yearly goal
        • Tactic development to reach the goal
        • Communication to team to get meet the goal
        • Establish communication with DMSM (District Merchandising Service Managers)
        • Be the available resource for POG questions pertaining to your category
        • Give them updates on store front programs to help with Merchandising

        Required / Preferred Qualifications:

        • A degree in horticulture or plant science is required
        • A background in nursery, mass market and retail market is preferred
        • Willingness to travel is required
        • Candidate should have strong people and problem-solving skills
        • Experience in strategic planning and forecasting preferred
        • Excellent communicator with internal and external customers
        • High integrity and respect for confidentiality requirements
        • Intermediate competency in all Microsoft Office® suites


        • Ensure that all production and maintenance work areas are kept clean and safe.

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