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Job Title: Compliance & QA/QC Manager
Location: Hollister, CA
Job Number: 12017
Posted Date: 8/28/2021
Job description

About Berry People: 

Berry People is a year-round, full-line shipper of organic and conventional berries and avocados, and owner of the Berry People® and Avo People® brands. Headquartered in Hollister, California, the company’s ownership and key alliance partners hold important production assets in California, Mexico, Canada, Chile, and Peru. All product is graded and allocated by pallet, and all growers are fully compliant with USDA, FDA, CFIA regulations on Food Safety and NOP/COR Organic certification. Berry People operates with a strong company ethos along its entire supply chain that emphasizes complementarity, stewardship, and empathy. 

Role Description: 

The Compliance-QA Manager will ensure consumer food safety and product satisfaction, as well as provide assurance to our customers, by self-management with all grower, suppliers, vendors and customers on behalf of Company management. Maintain complete, accurate, current compliance documentation, lot quality information on hand and maintained in company database, using this information to manage the status of any given grower or lot of product as compliant or non-compliant, and ensuring a pallet-level match of quality defects to individual customer tolerance every time, thus minimizing our rejection rates and increasing customer confidence in the Company’s ability to supply.

This manager 


  • Compliance
    • Manage, qualify and continually maintain all supplier, grower, 3rd party vendor compliance status (active, inactive, qualified and unqualified) and documentation ensuring in good standing at all times
    • Execute compliance holds and releases on supplier lots, and notify interested parties
    • Responsible for all regulatory requirements such as USDA, FDA, CFIA , COR & CBP, Insurance Audit responses, reporting, and compliance interaction
    • Risk, Recall, HACCP Implementation, prevention and execution
    • Manage all export/import steps of product clearance
    • Traceability, implementation and integrity management (inventory, recall systems, package coding/labeling)
    • Manage all Customer inquiries for updated compliance documentation
    • Schedule and manage all USDA Phytosanitary inspections, Market inspections and procedures.
    • Responsible to manage and maintain all in-house supplier files
  • Quality
    • Establish, monitor, report and uphold all internal quality specifications and standards
    • Manage, specify, schedule, oversee, verify third party QC inspectors work-product quality control reporting
    • Report notifications of inbound and outbound quality incidents to all suppliers
    • Provide periodic quality summary analyses to sales and management
    • Maintenance of “live” product grades in sales transaction system
    • Advise VP of Sales, commodity, account managers, coordinators as to important product details and allocation of pallets based on customer defect tolerance
  • Operations
    • Report on daily inventory aging thresholds and re-inspection of aged inventory
    • Support accounting and management with third-party claims
    • Inventory Control (Physical, Daily Reconciliation, Stock Purges/Dumps)
    • Issue, schedule, and oversee regrade/restyle/repack orders
    • Create, establish and uphold company-specific shipping requirements
    • Maintain supply and specifications shipping materials inventories, ie: Temperature Recorders

Skills & Abilities:

  • Strong mathematic & analytical abilities, including computation of rate, ratio, and percentage
  • The ability to draw and interpret graphic representations of data
  • High proficiency in Excel for creating, modeling, analysis, filtering, pivoting reporting
  • Experience in transaction systems such as ERP, Famous or similar
  • Excellent verbal and written communicator
  • Organized and ability to manage multiple shifting priorities in a faced paced environment


  • High customer service orientation
  • Strong work ethic, including drive, conscientiousness, and pride in a job well done
  • Bandwidth and creativity to make quick decisions in the face of ambiguity
  • Takes initiative to be pro-actively engaged
  • Professional and persistent
  • Respectful and responsible
  • Dependable of deliverables and good follow through
  • Available to work weekends and holidays, when necessary

Experience & Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Food Science, Microbiology, or related discipline
  • Spanish/English biliteracy required
  • FDA FSVP Qualified Individual (preferred)
  • International & domestic grower/supplier experience preferred
  • Proficient in USDA, FDA, CBP, & Canadian Regime requirements, Import, Domestic and Export
  • Proficient in International and Domestic importation and exportation of Berry and/or avocado
  • Berry and/or Avocado industry experience 2+ years (preferred)
  • Proficient in various compliance platforms such as Azzule, Repositrak, Safefood 360, Supplier HUB, etc.
  • Working detailed knowledge of USDA product guidelines for fresh produce
  • Knowledge of proper use of produce inspection, handling, and monitoring equipment

Working Relationships:

  • Reports to VP Supply & Operations
  • External Party interaction with coolers, inspection companies, carriers, customs brokers, suppliers, growers, regulatory bodies, etc.
  • Internal Party interaction with sales and commodity management, accounting, supply, operations, and general management

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Hollister, CA

Compensation & Benefits: Competitive wage as well as premium health, dental, & vision package.

Contact:, or call +1.831.245.3500\

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