Confidential Job Listings
The following Confidential Job Listings have been placed by verified Employers that have chosen to remain anonymous at this time for numerous reasons. Candidates that are concerned about applying for any of these Confidential Job Listings feel free to Contact Us prior to sending your reply. We at cannot reveal the name or any other information regarding the listing company, we will do our best not to forward your information or resume to your current employer. Each employer will only contact candidates of interest.

Career Opportunities Available

  View Job   Posted Date Job Title Job Location Job #
  View Job   8/7/2020 Director of Procurement Salinas, CA 11412
  View Job   7/28/2020 Sales Assistant Fresno, CA 11399
  View Job   7/21/2020 Payroll Coordinator Nipomo, CA 11390
  View Job   7/16/2020 Packinghouse Plant Manager Bakersfield, CA 11384
  View Job   7/7/2020 Produce Buyer Central Florida 11375
  View Job   6/29/2020 Produce Quality Control Inspector Philadelphia, PA 11361
  View Job   6/15/2020 Inventory and Administration Assistant Salinas, CA 11342
  View Job   6/15/2020 IT Systems Manager Phoenix, AZ 11341
  View Job   6/12/2020 Cost Accounting Support Staff Fort Lauderdale / Pompano Beach, FL 11339
  View Job   4/3/2020 Accounting Manager Goodyear, AZ 11264
  View Job   3/23/2020 Packinghouse Maintenance Manager Oceanside, CA 11250
  View Job   3/10/2020 Director of Operations Salinas, CA 11235
  View Job   3/5/2020 Regional Business Manager – Fresh Produce Salinas, CA 11228

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