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Job Title: Production Scheduler & Warehouse Manager
Location: Salinas, CA
Job Number: 10956
Posted Date: 8/5/2019
Job description

PlantTape USA, a leader in ag-tech innovative transplanting solutions, is looking for a highly motivated and experienced Production Scheduler and Warehouse Manager with independent problem-solving skills, exceptional attention to detail and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment. This role is responsible for production scheduling, strategic planning and managing logistics, inventory, and customer services to maintain the highest quality standards as demand from customers’ increases.

Production Scheduling

  • Provide the factory manager with weekly production needs, and monthly production outlooks.
  • Works with sales team to understand timelines and expectations with each customer order.
  • Creates detailed weekly sowing schedules and forecasts broader monthly sowing schedules based on the needs provided by the sales team.
  • Works with production manager to understand the capacities and limitations of both employees and equipment when creating schedules.
  • Understands the peaks and valleys of demand and is able to schedule production to best accommodate and maintain needed safety stocks.
  • Works with senior level management and sales team to forecast yearly, monthly and weekly production needs.
  • Ability to revise schedules in response to changes in orders, raw materials volumes or machine efficiencies.
  • Review invoices, work orders, and production forecasts to estimate peak production periods and to issue work assignments accordingly to maintain reasonable workloads.
  • Works with internal production team to insure the proper amount of finished material are available to meet weekly / monthly production demands.

Receiving and Inventory

  • Responsible for managing accurate receiving, labeling, inventorying and allocating customer owned seed within and through the PlantTape facilities.
  • Oversee detailed log of customer seed (varieties and volumes) and sown material in real time.
  • Understands with proficiency, inventory cycle counting, materials usages, and units of measure conversion.
  • Oversees the return and disposition of rejected receipts, obsolete, damaged or surplus materials.
  • Assist in implementing inventory software to maintain records of all products and supplies.
  • Inspects and receives / rejects all inbound shipments of raw materials based on required specifications.
  • Works with management to insure the correct amount of material is on hand to meet production needs.
  • Understands lead times and issues unique to each raw material input and works with management to place orders on time.
  • Manage and direct efficient and practical use of available storage space.
  • Maintain a safe, clean and secure storage space for raw and finished materials.


  • Supervise logistic schedules and manages truck shipments and bookings to ensure customers receive the correct shipments on time.
  • Manage the coordinating of appointments with truck drivers for expedited loading.
  • Knowledge of managing and coordinating import / export documents for shipping or receiving.
  • Reconciles inaccuracies with customer shipments and deliveries.
  • Manages inbound and outbound shipment schedules.

Customer Relations

  • Communicate the status of orders to be sown or shipped both internally with PlantTape staff and externally with customers.
  • Provide accurate responses to inquiries about seed quantities or sown material.
  • Assist sales team in rectifying any customer issues through available trace back information.


  • Manage, train and supervise warehouse staff and operations assistants.
  • Manage and direct efficient and practical use of available storage space.


  • Must have background in managing logistics of a factory environment or similar.
  • Must have strong computer skills.
  • Analyze data to assess performance and implement process improvements.

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