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Job Title: Production & Quality Assurance Manager
Location: Salinas, CA
Job Number: 10957
Posted Date: 8/5/2019
Job description

Plant Tape USA, a leader in ag-tech innovative transplanting solutions, is looking for an experienced and self-motivated individual to join a fast paced and growing team to oversee and manage the production process of our revolutionary product. This position will take responsibility for the manufacturing at each stage of the PlantTape process from raw materials to the final seeded product. 

Equipment / Production

  • Assumes ownership of the PlantTape production from start to finish by overseeing the general operations of the manufacturing and sowing facilities.
  • Has complete understanding of the PlantTape manufacturing and sowing equipment.
  • Overseas the general operation, maintenance and repair of all equipment.
  • Is able to quickly identify and diagnose any equipment that is operating out of the given parameters and take action to mitigate any damage.
  • Works with engineering team to address any repairs or modifications that are needed to insure proper outputs and quality can be achieved.
  • Understands the operational limitations of each machine and works to maximize efficiencies with respect of those limitations.
  • Understand and analyze data collection to support system selections, maintain quality and efficiencies.
  • Ability to identify areas for process improvement and effectively implement needed changes.

Facilities and Fixed Assets

  • Manage the facility manager, whose responsibilities include maintaining the buildings, fixed assets, and the inventory of spare parts for these assets.

Personnel and machine Scheduling

  • Creates weekly schedules for factory personnel with consideration to limitations of employees and equipment.
  • Works with management to keep staffing at a level appropriate for production needs.

Quality Assurance

  • Responsible for quality of final product and meeting strict specifications.
  • Maintains and calibrates measuring tools for measuring quality.
  • Is able to identify when product is out of spec and quickly diagnose the root cause.
  • Trains staff on importance of quality assurance and self-accountability.

Health & Safety

  • Responsible for health and safety of all workers.
  • Implement and manage safety improvement and tracking systems.
  • Ensure company, state and federal regulations are adhered to.


  • Oversees the staff of the factory and sowing facility (15-20 people).
  • Overseas the maintenance personnel assigned to the factory and sowing equipment (1-2 people).


  • Must have experience in managing manufacturing facility / equipment.
  • Warehouse design, layout and material flow.
  • Bilingual in English / Spanish is preferred.
  • Good computer skills.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in factory manufacturing or similarly related fields is mandatory.

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