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Job Title: Quality Assurance / Supply Chain Manager
Location: Pierce, FL & Sarasota, FL
Job Number: 11236
Posted Date: 3/10/2020
Job description


Reporting to the VP of Agriculture Operations, this full-time position involves coordinating and executing the various tasks necessary to produce and deliver high quality crops to market, including but not limited to: finding and managing partner growers and distributors, production schedules, quality control and food safety program development, daily crop and market assessments and contract negotiation support.  

What responsibilities will I have?

  • Develop, implement and continually improve a robust Quality Control and Food Safety program, including training grower and distributor staff and traveling to production sites to oversee critical control points and shipments.
  • Assist in managing partner grower and distributor relationships to ensure that the highest Quality Control and Food Safety standards are being met at all times in the production of our premium, branded fresh products.
  • Continually monitor production status at various production sites to stay on top of daily challenges in production, assist in problem solving and keep Flavorful Brands’ management and clients informed of any foreseeable deviations from the production forecast or quality expectations
  • Develop quarterly production schedules with each partner grower, in accordance with Flavorful Brands’ sales forecast. Regularly evaluate crop status and update production schedules accordingly.
  • Arrange, coordinate and participate in Quality and Food Safety audits at all production and distribution locations
  • Maintain a robust network of growers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  • Identify, recruit and contract necessary growers to effectively execute our annual grow plan, across multiple product categories.
  • Must be knowledgeable of changing market and weather conditions that might affect product flow, and assist in developing win-win agreements between partner grower and distributors that maximize mutual benefit while maintaining necessary product flow despite external conditions
  • Must be knowledgeable of different packing systems and packaging options to assist in the development of unique packaging solutions for premium, branded fresh products
  • Must be knowledgeable of current country-specific state and federal regulations for all products being produced

What education and training is required?

A bachelor’s or advanced degree in agricultural business or agriculture science preferred. Minimum 5-years of professional experience building and managing supply chains / QC programs. Experience with the tomato, allium and brassica categories strongly preferred. East Coast location is ideal (NC or FL).

Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations

  • Society of Quality Assurance
  • Quality Assurance Association
  • International Association for Food Protection
  • Produce Marketing Association 

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Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V.