# 10918 - Transportation Sales Person
  Salinas, CA

Dawn Transportation is expanding! Small family transportation brokerage company, headquartered in Salinas, Ca, is seeking an outside sales person with a background in transportation sales to join our team. This position is located at a convenient downtown Salinas location with off street parking. Current....More

  # 10917 - Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  Yuma, AZ

Pasquinelli Produce Co. is seeking a heavy equipment mechanic for a full time, year round position. Must have 10 years experience troubleshooting and repairing vehicles and farm equipment. Applicant needs experience in diesel and gas engines, hydraulics, brakes, vehicle electrical systems, welding, ....More

  # 10911 - Quality Assurance Specialist
  Union City, CA

Daylight Foods Inc. - We are a local food company in Union City seeking a fantastic Quality Assurance Specialist to juggle a variety of functions -- someone who also likes to learn new skills and expand his/her knowledge base. Develop and maintain a positive workplace in a food-Distribution environment t....More

  # 10907 - Agronomist / Nursery Supply Manager
  Redding, CA

Driscoll’s produces the finest berries in the world.  Sharing the benefits of best practices and the latest technology with our partner nursery growers are the key responsibilities of this role. 

As an Agronomist/Nursery Supply Manager for Driscoll’s you will work directly with operated and ....More

  # 10905 - Food Safety Administrative Assistant
  Santa Maria, CA

Santa Maria farming company is seeking a Food Safety Administrative Assistant who will work with the Food Safety Manager in maintaining our Food Safety Program current and in compliance.  This individual will also assist the Human Resource Department as needed.  The perfect individual will be reliable, organize....More

  # 10897 - Human Resources Manager (Bilingual)
  Salinas Valley, CA

The Human Resources Manager is a proactive business partner responsible for all aspects of managing human assets including, but not limited to, workforce planning and development; safety, WC, benefits and compliance with all state and federal laws. The Human Resources Manager is proactive in addressing Labor and Employee....More

  # 10896 - Safety Specialist (Bilingual)
  Salinas Valley, CA

Under the general direction of the Human Resources Manager, the Safety Specialist will support the execution and implementation of the Company’s safety programs.  This position will coordinate and implement safety, injury and illness prevention programs, conduct related trainings, investigate accidents and ide....More

  # 10894 - Procurement - Produce Category Sourcing Manager
  Plano, TX

National Produce Consultants, LLC - This person will be responsible for managing and implementing multiple commodities, developing maintaining grower/supplier relationships in a procurement team environment. Network daily with distributors, growers, shippers of fresh produce products inc....More

  # 10892 - VP- Operations
  Union City, CA

Daylight Foods Inc. - This position is responsible for managing KPIs, P&L, Labor, efficiency, Procedures and ensuring the smooth functioning of Shipping, Receiving, Inventory and Quality Control, Night Crew, Repack, Fresh Cut and Transportation. This position will directly report to the CEO/ Presiden....More

  # 10890 - Crop Category Manager (Mixed Veg)
  Farming Regions, CA

Grimmway Farms - Responsible for the coordination of all inputs (planting, irrigation, fertilization applications, pest management) and reporting against designated scheduled targets. Responsible for timing optimization of harvest projections to ensure maximum quality and yield. Responsible for projectio....More

  # 10884 - Food Safety Assistant
  Canton, NC

J.W. Johnson Tomato Co., Inc. - We are seeking an outstanding individual as Food Safety Assistant to lead in food safety, worker safety, and regulatory compliance for all of J.W. Johnson's packing, cooling, and farming operations May - October in North Carolina and November - May in Florida.  Food S....More

  # 10881 - Safety & Compliance Manager
  Gonzales, CA

Green Valley Farm Supply Inc. - Individual must maintain and implement all programs fulfilling the regulatory requirements of the following agencies or programs:CAL-OSHACA Department of Pesticide RegulationCounty Agricultural CommissionersAZ Department of Agriculture


  # 10880 - Food Safety Representative II
  Oxnard, CA

Driscoll's - We are seeking an outstanding individual as a Food Safety and Integrity Representative for a leadership role on our Food Safety, Regulatory and Social Compliance team. This position ensures the assessment of risk and implementation of Good Agricultural and Good Harvesting Practices amongst o....More

  # 10878 - Lead Engineer
  Gonzales, CA

Mantis Ag Technology is currently looking for a full-time Mechanical, Electrical, or Agricultural Engineer to work within our Technical Development department.  This person will take charge of Mantis’ research and development efforts with the goal of improving performance....More

  # 10870 - Nursery Manager
  Watsonville, CA

Speedling, Incorporated - The successful Nursery Manager will analyze, evaluate and effectively plan day-to-day operations to maximize value of the nursery.  Organize, direct, and coordinate activities for production of horticultural crops with consistent quality meeting all customer expectations wh....More









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