# 10924 - Senior Accountant
  Salinas, CA

Tanimura & Antle is an employee owned Company and the industry leader of fresh produce for over 36 years. Tanimura & Antle attributes its success to our loyal and dedicated employees and our future is brighter than ever. Our mission is to provide Quality, Service, and Innovation by employees exhi....More

  # 10919 - Sales Manager
  Oceanside, CA

Sundance Organics - Manages internal sales department. Compile and analyze yearly sales by commodity/customer. Collect feedback from Customers and sales staff (needs, concerns, and etc.). Create reports for sales meeting or presentations for group meetings. Quote ad prices to customers to promote commodi....More

  # 10918 - Transportation Sales Person
  Salinas, CA

Dawn Transportation is expanding! Small family transportation brokerage company, headquartered in Salinas, Ca, is seeking an outside sales person with a background in transportation sales to join our team. This position is located at a convenient downtown Salinas location with off street parking. Current....More

  # 10917 - Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  Yuma, AZ

Pasquinelli Produce Co. is seeking a heavy equipment mechanic for a full time, year round position. Must have 10 years experience troubleshooting and repairing vehicles and farm equipment. Applicant needs experience in diesel and gas engines, hydraulics, brakes, vehicle electrical systems, welding, ....More

  # 10916 - Farm Manager
  Cedar Creek (Austin), Texas

Farmshare is a non-profit located on a 10-acre organic farm in Eastern Travis County. Our mission is to grow a healthy local food community by teaching new farmers, increasing food access and preserving farm land. We are small but mighty with ambitious programs in place to meet our mission. This includes....More

  # 10914 - Logistics Manager, Cooler
  Santa Maria, CA

Bonipak Produce - Responsible for the evaluation, design, and implementation of processes and procedures that will increase efficiencies, reduce cost, improve sustainability and maximize profitability.  Assess processes and interpret data. Develop best practices, routines and innovative solutions to....More

  # 10912 - Berry Sales Person
  Monterey County, CA

BlazerWilkinson Affiliated Companies - We are seeking an experienced full-time year-round Berry Salesperson to join our Monterey County office. The ideal candidate will be an outgoing “People Person” with knowledge of and experience in the Fresh Produce industry. This policy applies with....More

  # 10911 - Quality Assurance Specialist
  Union City, CA

Daylight Foods Inc. - We are a local food company in Union City seeking a fantastic Quality Assurance Specialist to juggle a variety of functions -- someone who also likes to learn new skills and expand his/her knowledge base. Develop and maintain a positive workplace in a food-Distribution environment t....More

  # 10908 - Maintenance Supervisor
  Columbia, SC

McEntire Produce is a fresh cut produce processor and a great place to work. We are family owned and our leadership is grounded in the firm moral convictions of operating fairly and honestly and valuing employees and their families. We are looking for a Maintenance Supervisor to join our team. Our M....More

  # 10907 - Agronomist / Nursery Supply Manager
  Redding, CA

Driscoll’s produces the finest berries in the world.  Sharing the benefits of best practices and the latest technology with our partner nursery growers are the key responsibilities of this role. 

As an Agronomist/Nursery Supply Manager for Driscoll’s you will work directly with operated and ....More

  # 10906 - Transportation Operations Manager
  Santa Maria, CA

The Transportation Operations Manager will Plan, Direct, and Coordinate all the activities and personnel related to transportation operations including Dispatching, Routing, and Tracking Transportation Vehicles. Will oversee the management and maintenance of 16-20 field to cooler hauling trucks and 6-10 freight long line....More

  # 10905 - Food Safety Administrative Assistant
  Santa Maria, CA

Santa Maria farming company is seeking a Food Safety Administrative Assistant who will work with the Food Safety Manager in maintaining our Food Safety Program current and in compliance.  This individual will also assist the Human Resource Department as needed.  The perfect individual will be reliable, organize....More

  # 10904 - Administrative Assistant/Coordinator
  Kingman or Goodyear, AZ

Al Dahra ACX is offering a full-time position as Administrative Assistant. The primary focus of this position is to professionally represent the company and its management and focus on daily, key tasks that are essential to daily operations. This individual will assist management personnel with a variety....More

  # 10902 - Commodity-Sales Manager
  Hollister, CA

Berry People is a year-round, full-line shipper of predominantly organic berries and avocados with a national sales and global sourcing presence.  The company’s partners own important production assets in Mexico, and we have diversified and direct base of national and regional customers who ar....More

  # 10901 - Division Controller
  Oxnard, CA

Western Precooling is the leading full service provider of precooling equipment, facilities and services in the fresh produce industry.  We are proud of what we have accomplished and the quality of services we provide our customers.  At the same time we are always pushing to improve.  We a....More









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