Lucky’s Community Project is an ongoing endeavor to create lasting change in the communities we serve. This means we support projects, organizations, and initiatives that focus on healthy communities, youth & education, sustainability and resilience.


Committed to nourishing the community, both inside and out.

We cheer on healthier living in our community through neighborhood projects and local partnerships. We aim to enhance the lives of our community members through volunteer training programs, a variety of enrichment programs, and food bank support. In these actions we endeavor to make big strides toward a stronger community.


We aim to give kids a healthier, happier future.

The youth in our community are the leaders of tomorrow, and we actively support kids’ health and education initiatives in neighborhoods across the country. O`ur involvement includes health and nutrition programs, entrepreneurship programs and mentorship support, alongside the goal of educating children about the benefits of making healthy decisions about the food we eat. After all, someday they’ll be the ones affecting positive change in the world, and we want to support those efforts to help them succeed.


Everyone has a difference to make.

We live in a dynamic world full of opportunity, and we want to be there to help individuals and organizations be successful, no matter what gets thrown at them. You never know where life will take you, and when unforeseen events threaten to dim the spirit, we are here to try and help fan those embers from a flicker to a bright flame. We know everyone has a difference to make. By supporting our neighbors before and during times of difficulty, we hope to nourish the soul. We want to strengthen the organizations serving our communities so they can continue to make good things happen. Together we’re growing a brighter, more sustainable future for our community and our world.


Keeping our planet healthy, one project at a time.

We rely on our natural surroundings to nourish the world in which we live. Through a variety of partnerships we support the conservation and restoration of our local environment. We are actively working to foster support for local farmers and producers by promoting the sale of their products and providing insight into food system development. We’re also known to get dirty with our local community members, restoring trails, constructing bike paths and building gardens. Together, we want to ensure our planet stays healthy. We only have one!


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