From Farm to Fork: Integrity, Safety and Everything in Between *EMPOWERING LEADING BRANDS TO THRIVE* NPC, LLC has managed the delivery of safe, high-quality produce to national and regional restaurant chains, schools, health care organizations and contract feeding organizations for over 27 years. We call our philosophy From Farm to Fork: integrity, food safety and everything in between. NPC, LLC serves sellers by creating knowledgeable buyers. NPC’s proprietary Produce Cost Management System (PCMS) ensures restaurant chains have control over their costs – no surprises, no hidden fees, no exceptions. The PCMS program means local managers and franchisees can spend more time at the front of the store. The process begins with a commitment to our grower-producers and a shared interest in supporting sustainable farming of safe, high-quality produce and positive grower ROI. We serve our distributor partners by working closely with them to provide the most cost-effective loads and schedules possible. We serve the food provider – commercial restaurant to institutional server – by ensuring that each link in the produce chain delivers on original promises: trust through transparency. While NPC, LLC strives for perfection and personal satisfaction in serving customers and partners, the larger challenge is the one the team members make to themselves and each other; that is, to make a difference in the world - to be the best spouse, friend, or neighbor they can be; to make a difference in their community, their block, their street; and, to use their time and talents in service to others through charities like the Golden Corral Veteran and Children’s Miracle network. And, to serve their religion, their church and those in need. Essentially, to use the experience, talents, and gifts that we’ve been given to lift up every engagement and interaction to a higher purpose.


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